October 2, 2011


 I always look forward to Sundays, I wake up to go out for a nice breakfast, get my dose of Inspiration and Learnings at Church and try going on new adventures or shopping around my favorite local spots! Today my Boyfriend and I lounged around 4th Street in Long Beach, I can not get enough of the many Vintage and Unique Boutiques but especially go gaga over the furniture shops and fulfilling my obsession with home decor.

Here are a few snapshots from the day,

Reading is something I just can not get enough of, so far my bookshelves are filled up like this and I have a few great miscellaneous items for shelf fillers but I took a lot of inspiration from this one. What are some of your obsessions?

+ above photo I am wearing NRFB Top, Forever 21 Skirt, Thrifted Belt and Wallet. This outfit I love dressing up and down, just add some wedges and fitted blazer with 'sharp' shoulder pads.
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