December 28, 2011

Inspired by something, Wild.

Um, hello! Who couldn't be amazed by the genius of Wildfox, I have been following the brand for the past few years and every new collection lookbook amazes me, not to mention their videos are great! Shop WILDFOX HERE. What do you think of the SS2012 Collection? Tweet me! @theanalyssa


Welcoming this special girl into my life is one of the best things to ever happen, Azlan aka Azzy. Anthony surprised me with her for Christmas. She is now nine weeks old and since getting her at eight weeks she has already grown and changed so much! I am extremely attached and looking forward to having her in my life. By the way, she is a Pomapoo (Pomeranian/Poodle).

What exciting things did you do/get for Christmas? Do you have a pet? Wishing you the happiest New Year! Hope you all have something cute to wear :) Follow me on Twitter @theanalyssa xx

December 9, 2011

Gloomy Laid Back Friday

Sorry for the lagging on posts but im just about to finish up my semester (with straight A's) next week! So relieved, then I will have a lot to look forward to with work. Today I did some Christmas shopping with my mom and ran random errands. I am wearing a top by No Rest For Bridget, Divine Rights of Denim High Waisted Jeans, Rider Boots by Forever 21, Watch by Guess and other accessories by Kinzington & Theory.

Oh also, check out these adorable Knitted Old Navy Totes, so cute right?

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