October 1, 2011

A Not So Simple Introduction

Hello Bloggers! Just a quick introduction on my new blog, I am extremely excited to be here, back in action! I have moved to Blogger from Tumblr and you can read all of my past posts from the year on it. I feel that Blogger might be a little better with being able to get on a personal level with my readers.  

A little bit about myself: Analyssa Benedict, I just turned Twenty-Two years old on August 31st. I would like to find a happy medium with Lifestyle Blogging mixed with some Fashion and Inspiration. I have been working in the Fashion Industry since I was very young and there is an entire story on its own on how I even got in it in the first place. After I realized how much I enjoyed the Industry I attended a Trade School while I was still in High School to earn two Certifications, Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. Before I even graduated High School I was working in a Showroom at the California Market Center as well as working backstage with the Beverly Hills Style Firm at various Fashion Shows for Teen Vogue, Macys etc. 

Immediately after turning Nineteen years old (2009) I had a huge craving to do something other than just work and go to school, I wanted to take advantage of my ambition, drive and networks to create an outlet where I could surround myself with young individuals who also wanted a break-through in the Fashion World. So that's when REVOLT SOCIETY was born, a small Fashion Production Company that focused on producing small and large scale projects that would bring Talented Young Professionals together to expose their work and overall, do what they love to gain experience. I, of course, had no idea what to expect and sometimes I had no idea what I was doing. I had never owned my own business but that did not stop me from trying to create the vision I had and my love for Management/Project Organization. Soon enough, literally weeks later, it was blowing up, we were Producing Photoshoots, Model Castings, Getting Interviews and had our debut at the 2009 Box Eight-Gen Art Fashion Week with our very own Runway Segment. Almost three years later I am extremely privileged and honored to say that REVOLT SOCIETY is still going strong. I have been able to keep things alive all while going to School AND working full time. At the end of the day REVOLT SOCIETY is still my baby and I treasure it with all of my heart, for the impact it's made on people and our communities, the team and crew who make up REVOLT SOCIETY are what make every single thing possible.

A little bit about work and school: I am a full-time student majoring in Business Management with and Emphasis in Business Law, I am absolutely obsessed with school, learning and gaining knowledge for me is like soaking up the sun on a perfect spring day. Working and getting my hands on in the Industry has also opened up huge doors for me, as I now work in Corporate for a very special Retailer that is taking over the world, the name I will not disclose to keep you in wonder! I LOVE my job, and being a part-time Entrepreneur. (I also coach Dance and Cheer for the LBUSD on the Side).

A little bit about my personal style: I am not a stylist, but, I love clothes just like majority of girls in this world. I get ecstatic off simplistic pieces as well as neutral colors and earthy tones. I do not have a thing against bright colors or patterns but I tend to stray away from them, most items of clothing like that are just not my taste. If im shopping, and I see something that I Love, I will get it. Gold Jewelry, Nail Polish and Black Clothing is what I can not live without! Thank you so much if you sat through and read this entire thing because I am so excited about what's next, especially making Blogger my new home. If you think you will be seeing some great and cool things from me please let your friends know where they can find me so they may also take part in some of my adventures! Because today is the first day of my favorite month of the year I wanted to publish my first post, but there is still some maintenance to be done on this blog as far as descriptions, my profile, twitter links, etc. 

above photo wearing Forever 21 Little Black Dress under a pair of Thrifted Green Pants, Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Lita's and Gifted Beverly Hills Polo Club Watch from my boy!

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