May 8, 2012

iPhone + Instagram Diary

Please click links below to check out more amazing things in my descriptions:

1. A harnessed candle holder that I scored for like five bucks to hold my flowers on my desk.
2. Myself with the young ladies of Roadtrip Nation, I was honored to be interviewed, so much fun!
3. One of my favorite sushi rolls, baked salmon, dinner date with my sister.
4. A work morning at Shootdigital, New York.
5. My shoe closet.
6. One of my most treasured pair of shoes, the all stars, comfy and casual.
7. While on my shopping extravaganza's in Soho New York I couldn't resist these shoes from Topshop.
8. Loving my new Express tank.
9. Me, yawn.
10. My morning view from the Paramount hotel and a work day at Milk Studios New York.
11. On my desk, going over cards and brainstorms.
12. Me and the Ladies @WORLDCLASSYOUTH behind the scenes at our Video Shoot.
13. New MAC Lipstick, yeee.
14. Back in Los Angeles, work day at the Studio.
15. Did some damage at Zara, Soho New York City.

I have been doing this iPhone + Instagram diary for a while now and it's been fun so I wanted to start writing a small description for each photo, these are only a few of the cool things I get to partake in life you should follow me on my journey, for all of you iPhone and Android users search my Instagram name: theanalyssa
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