April 14, 2012

A Real Blog Post

Well, here I am, doing something I have not done in an extremely long time...sitting down and actually "writing" a blog post. I mean lets be honest, in the clouds of the Blogosphere and the huge success of so many Fashion and Beauty Bloggers, it seems like I completely forgot what 'blogging' was actually about...writing.

Don't get me wrong, photography is amazing, documenting life through photos is incredible and so easily feasible but I have been taking the time recently to actually sit and meditate on my thoughts and on my heart (as i'm sitting with The Devil Wears Prada gracing my TV in the background). There is nothing more that I want in life than to be a good leader, a helping hand to many and someone who sets themselves apart from others, needing to take advantage of my resources is officially becoming priority on the list. I am in love with the concept of Blogging, I completely and fully support the Blogging Community and I honestly have so much to learn and grow in so many ways. Time to be an open book! Speaking of, I have recently been reading a book called "A Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson, only being half way through I must say it is by far the most genius book i've ever read. This woman's insights picks the deepest parts of my brain, mostly focusing on the topic of Love and our human instincts for the search of inner peace. Juggling between relationships, career or our health, Williamson teaches how accepting God and expression of Love is really the perfect answer. I highly recommend this Bestseller, I mean you can snag it on Amazon for 60¢! 

It would be awesome (if we know each other or not) if you would send me your ideas on future Blog Posts I can write for you, advice, tips, how-to's etc. I will be refereeing to them as Articles going forward, exciting! You can easily comment below of visit one of the links on the side of this page. Looking forward to growing with you through blogging, but seeing that I might only have five hours of sleep tonight this will have to do, it's currently raining and im looking forward to falling asleep to the sound of it,  au revoir! 

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