July 7, 2013


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In just a few short weeks we will be welcoming a new aunt into my family, how exciting. It is amazing to me how much families grow and the dynamics of it all. So far I have been to a handful of wedding showers and weddings for friends and families these last few months and have quite a few ahead the remainder of the year. I thought why not try to document as much as I can to get inspiration for when my big day comes. The day I get welcomed into a new family and a special someone gets welcomed into mine. I am constantly battling myself on that note, there is so much I want to accomplish before then, I am sure there are a majority of women out there who feel the same.

For the moment, I can share my experiences with you (whoever you are) and I hope you can take from the wonderful ideas too. I got two great ideas from my new Aunt's shower, the first one was the adorable box labeled "Cards" for the guests to place their cards in if they did not bring a packaged gift. The second idea was on the invitation everyone was to bring a new pair of underwear that described them the most, the underwear was then placed into a similar box and at the end of the day the bride-to-be had to guess which underwear were from who, leaving her with a large box filled with new lingerie! amazing!

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